Religious Education


Religious Education


In the grade school Religious Education program, children in grades K4/K5 – 8th will experience a life-giving relationship with Jesus that is rooted in:

  *  an appreciation of scripture with a focus on the Gospels

   *  a desire for the experience of prayer, the liturgy and the sacraments

   *  an experience of faith community

   *  participation in service to others


In the formation of young people, Youth Ministry provides the sharing of the youth’s unique gifts to the larger community.

The ministry focus is on Word, Worship, Community and Service and offers various models and opportunities for each youth to develop their own spirituality.  High priorities include preparation of the sacrament of Confirmation at 16 years of age (junior year of high school) and the religious education of youth in grades 9 and 10.


Volunteers are needed in many areas for Religious Education.  Contact the Religious Education Office (541-7515) for more information and to volunteer.


Be aware that if you are working with youth on a regular basis, there are several criteria that must be met including, but not limited to, attending a Safeguarding all God’s Family training class; furnishing references; and agreeing to a federal and state criminal records check.  You must agree to follow the policies of St. Rita Parish and pledge to join with the Church in its efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for our children.